Writer's page

 Me is really happy~

I finally clean my very disorganized FRIENDS LIST.

This way, I'll be able to check updates and not have them all mixed-up. :)

Thanks to songkissed  my very good friend, whom I always get to talk about anything RyoKame to randomness. *sends a RyoKame kiss*

And because of her, I maybe able to write a fic again after so many ages. :))

and also to fazlyn_n  and aishayue  who also encouraged me to write. :)

special mention to lafea83 who cheered me up last time. :)

waves to aitsu_kame 

*starting to be lj-competent*


I love angst, so most of the times, I'd write about that, I don't know if I can write fluff, I probably suck at that division like my Math classes. :|

it's super late now especially for someone *points at me* who'll probably get a very long day tomorrow at school.


sorry for this random post, just super happy now. :)
posted this again, I hope friends mentioned would get to see this. :)